Professional Business Solutions Assistance How It Works

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Never, worked with a virtual Business solutions assistant before? No problem. We are ready to manage projects, research and develop your business, get your business up and running, help grow your business manage your administrative needs, set up your sales department, customer service rating revival, copywriting and much more. Take your life back and focus on what's important to you, we'll handle the daily tasks & help with the stressful components in starting and growing your business.

Business can be unpredictable, and circumstances can change daily. When you need someone to handle these changes of circumstances and you don't have the time, staff, or knowledge, have a tight deadline or have odd tasks that can be completed over time, our business soultions services can prioritise  & organise your needs and complete your task. We provide SOS urgent, emergency, or temporary services, to help you outsource your business needs. Our VA's will be the solution to your problem.


The benefits in hiring a VA opens up a plethora of opportunities that can benefit your business:

It is more cost-effective- Which means you only pay for the hours worked. No need with no contracts, pension contributions, sick pay or holiday pay, HR fees, equipment costs, training staff which reduces your overhead costs as well as any start-up costs. 

 It is more time-efficient -  Which means let time hiring a member of staff, or you can use business solutions, virtual Assistant, while you wait for your perfect fit. Hiring a business soultions specialist can help free up your time, or even make the business process faster or more efficient, or just so you can get on top of your ad-hoc duties or whether you need one-off project support or for regular ongoing assistance.

Still not sure? Katrina Phillips & Associates is ready when you are. Get in touch with us today and we would be more than happy to discuss your business's unique needs.