Katrina Phillips Business Administration

Running a business is never easy. As an entrepreneur, you have to handle various business administrative tasks, including payroll management, software license renewals, human resource management, invoices, and more.

Katrina Phillips & Associates is a virtual assistant agency that provides administrative assistance and business soultions to their clients from an offshore office.

These tasks take a long time. Instead, you can devote this time to your core business activities, generating more income and accelerating business growth. The secret to many entrepreneurs' success is that they save their time by delegating secondary tasks to Katrina Phillips Business Administration Virtual Assistant.

Tasks of Your Katrina Phillips Business Administration Virtual Assistant

  • Set up reminders for you

  • Offer basic customer support

  • Manage basic HR tasks

  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Act as a virtual manager for your team

  • Manage your mailbox by answering basic questions

  • Organize meetings on your behalf

  • Ensure timely payment to suppliers

  • Send newsletters to your prospects and customers

  • Creating reports, SOPs,  spreadsheets

Why Hire A Katrina Phillips Business Administration Virtual Assistant?

As a business owner, you should not get involved in small tasks that are not directly related to your business development. Instead, it would help if you delegated non-core business activities to a Katrina Phillips Virtual Assistant. It will save you time and money.

Entrust your secondary tasks to a virtual assistant now.Our advisers will call you back within 24 hours to discuss your outsourcing project.