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Found A Startup - The Virtual Assistance for Small Business Administration As Support In The Background! 

Nowadays, anyone who wants to become self-employed doesn't just need a good idea. It also takes a lot of perseverance, money, and, ultimately, personnel to implement the idea and be able to position it profitably on the market in the long term. And this is constantly in motion and therefore requires permanent adjustments.

However, many entrepreneurs and startups cannot act with full strength right from the start. Especially in the staff area, it is hardly possible to drive at full power from the start. The personnel costs are so high that permanent staff cannot be paid at all in many cases. Also, there may not be so much work for additional staff at the beginning that a permanent position is worthwhile. The Katrina Phillips Virtual Assistant for startups could be precisely the right solution in such a case.






A Talent Pool with Limited Costs

Use Katrina Phillips & Associates and access a wealth of skilled virtual assistants for startups without incurring a full-time employee's expense.

We understand a business's requirements for its owners/managers, and we're committed to placing the Administrative Virtual Assistant Services that's best for your organisation so you can delegate your tasks remotely.

We Are At The Service Of Different Types Of Profiles.

From individuals to auto-entrepreneurs through small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises and institutions, we have virtual assistants as Support for new business startup.

Our Virtual Assistants for startups are professionals and trained by Katrina Phillips & Associates upon joining our network. They are trustworthy and are recognized for the quality of their services.

Personal Assistants at Your Service


Katrina Phillips business development virtual assistants are highly qualified. As part of our training follow-up, we provide them with a tutoring and support service. We make it a point of honour to ensure an individual integration process with each client to guarantee you a high level of support and service within your Company.

Katrina Phillips Office Management virtual assistants make every effort to offer you a set of support services according to your budget and goals.

Whatever your request and even if it is only: 

 - A few hours of accounting,

 - Data entry,

 - Transcription

 - Or the management of your calls,

We make every effort to offer you a set of support services according to your budget and goals.

Outsource the business setup process with our virtual business solution assistants. KPA startup support can assist companies and new businesses in the setup and expansion of the company and take away the administrative duties which hinder a cohesive setup of any business. 

To position a startup company successfully in the market, strong partners are required by the side. With us, you always have a strong and competent partner by your side. So, hire Katrina Phillips Office Administration virtual assistant today as a support for a new business startup.

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