Katrina Phillips - Virtual Executive Assistant Ireland


Senior  Executive

With a knack for reading people based on first impressions, Katrina is an expert when it comes to understanding our clients’ unique needs. Quick, efficient, and extremely intelligent - the best Senior Virtual Executive we could hope for.

Extremely efficient and flexible are just two ways to describe her. Katrina does not believe in red tape, and so far has been able to succeed with every client she has worked with.

With Katrina's attention to detail and an uncanny ability to quickly become part of any team, she works with. Katrina is committed to solving complex business challenges, Using her creative and collaborative strategic approach.

What sets Katrina apart from other virtual assistants in other services? Katrina consistently delivers the tools necessary for you to achieve a finely tuned work-life balance, and we make it our mission to help you stay focused and 100% committed to putting you first.

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Gene, Bioglow (UK)

KP Associates helped our online store with order management, market research, product sourcing, and other value-added services. They are enthusiastic, quick, reliable, can handle complex tasks, and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them to any business looking for admin support and management services.

Ally, 7 Hills Properties (USA)

Janelle - Owner (Aus)

Katrina's urgent assistance saved my business, her dedication and her knowledge helped so much. Amazing!!